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Noorduyn Noresman C-64A – 1/4 Scale

Manufactured by the Noorduyn Aviation Ltd., Montreal, Canada, the UC-64A was a 10-place, single-engine utility transport. First flown in 1935, the Norseman was designed for rugged Canadian bush country operations; it could be equipped with wheels, floats or skis. Before World War II, Noorduyn delivered 69 to the Royal Canadian Air Force as trainers. After […]

There is a south wind blowing…

The Auster J/1 Autocrat was a 1940s British single-engined three-seat high-wing touring monoplane built by Auster Aircraft Limited at Rearsby, Leicestershire. My 1/4 scale model features 108″ wingspan and is great for any 30cc gas/petrol engine. You can find more details by clicking on this link to be taken to the plans listing.

Maryland is not just a state!

My newest plan release is a Martin 167F Maryland in 1/6th scale. This plan-set has a three piece wing, a two piece fuselage, and recommended power is two DLE 33’s. This is a great model that will turn heads at the flying field. To order the plans click here.

1/4 Scale Mitsubishi A5M4 “Claude”

The Mitsubishi A5M, formal Japanese Navy designation Mitsubishi Navy Type 96 Carrier-based Fighter, experimental Navy designation Mitsubishi Navy Experimental 9-Shi Carrier Fighter, company designation Mitsubishi Ka-14, was a Japanese carrier-based fighter aircraft. It was the world’s first monoplane shipboard fighter to enter service and the direct predecessor of the famous Mitsubishi A6M “Zero”. The Allied […]

The ugliest fighter you will ever love…

The Blackburn Firebrand was a British single-engine strike fighter for the Fleet Air Arm of the Royal Navy designed during World War II by Blackburn Aircraft. Originally intended to serve as a pure fighter, its unimpressive performance and the allocation of its Napier Sabre piston engine by the Ministry of Aircraft Production for the Hawker […]

Nakajima Ki-43II Oscar

Known as the “Hayabusa” (Peregrine Falcon) this aircraft held the reporting name “Oscar” to Allied pilots. Like the Mitsubishi-produced A6M Zero, the radial-engined Ki-43 was light and easy to fly and became legendary for its combat performance in East Asia in the early years of the war. My design is a 1/5th scale model and […]