Below are a list of common questions I get from time to time. I have collected them here in one location to try and answer as many of your questions as possible. Please use the “Contact Us” link on the site menu to email me if you have any other questions.

Thank you!
Jerry Bates

Well first understand that these are builders plans, if you have never built a model from plans then you need to find someone to help you or visit a site like rcscalebuilder.com and get some help.  I support any problems with my plans but do not offer building advice or instruction. If I did this I would never get any new designs finished! If you need support with a problem you might have found on my plans please use the "Contact Us" link at the top of every page to send your request in.
Yes, I do as time allows. But remember, if you want something special you are pulling me away from my other designs I am working on so we will have to settle on a price for the work based on the time and effort for your special request.
Just like most of you I have a life and a family. Unfortunately, these things take priority over my side hobby business. My plans business is something I do on the side. It is not my full-time job.I will try to answer your emails as soon as possible but sometimes there are just not enough hours in the day so please be patient.
You can email me using the "Contact Us" link on the site menu at the top of every page.
I want to save you as much money as possible, so in order to do this I will pack multiple items in one box and select the best shipping method. I want you to get the best value for your money.
Plans and accessories are shipped separately and will arrive at different times. An order for plans and accessories is considered two orders as they are shipped from different locations. Plans are run and sent when an order is received. It normally takes 2-3 days from receipt of order to get them in the mail. Plans are sent rolled in a mailing tube. Allow another week, within the continental United State for delivery. Plans sent overseas may take as long as 30 days to arrive to the customer. Canopies are normally kept in stock and shipping time are similar to the plans. Fiberglass parts are made to order. It may take 2-3 weeks for the fabricator to make your part depending on his workload. If you live in the United State he will send it directly to you. If you live overseas, he will send it to me, and I will then send it to you.