Bellanca Cruisemaster 1/4 Scale

Bellanca Cruisemaster (1/4 Scale) – Cowl

Fiberglass Cowl for Bellanca Cruisemaster (1/4 Scale)

Price: $48.00

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Bellanca Cruisemaster (1/4 Scale) – Plans

Scale: 1/4, Wingspan: 102″, Wing Area: 1402 Sq. In.
Length: 69″, Weight: 18-20 lbs.
Power: 26cc Gas
Retracts: Robart #635RS 90 degree

The plans consist of 4 CAD drawings 36” x 80”. The model is a conventional balsa/ ply construction. This design is a collaboration with Bruce Lund. We are proud to represent Bruce’s efforts with another fabulous design.

Price: $50.00

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