Bristol M.1C “Bullet”

Bristol M.1C “Bullet” (1/4 Scale) – Fiberglass Spinner

Fiberglass Spinner for Bristol M.1C “Bullet” (1/4 Scale)

Price: $33.00

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Bristol M.1C “Bullet” (1/4 Scale) – Plans

Scale: 1:4, Wingspan: 92 1/4”
Wing Area: 1300 sq. in. Length: 61 1/4”
Height: 23 1/4”, Weight: 12-14 lbs.
Power: 120 4-stroke, 25cc to 30cc gas

This is a beautifully prepared and highly detailed set of plans. Details include all
brace wiring, cabane, under carriage, wheels, scale control systems and even sheet
metal development for the front fuselage area. Multi-views and isometric details are
used to help in assembly. Simple conventional balsa/ply construction is used
throughout. These plans are based on the Bjorn Kalstrom 3-views and were prepared
by Bob Swietzer. This model can be finished for scale competition or used as a
relaxing weekend fun fly model. Plans consist of three sheets, one 3’x10’-6”, and two
3’x8’-6”. 4-channel R/C.

Price: $50.00

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