Curtiss P-36 Hawk - 1/4th Scale

Curtiss P-36 Hawk – (1/3rd Scale) – Plans

Scale: 1:3.5, Wingspan: 128” Length: 98-7/8” Wing Area: 2775 sq. in. Weight: 55+ lbs. Power: 110cc-up

Highly detailed drawings. 3-piece wing. Seven drawings [email protected] x106”, [email protected]”x116”, and [email protected]”x48”

Scale Retracts available from Sierra Giant Scale
Cowl and Canopies available from Vic Catalasan ([email protected])
Laser-cut short kit available from Lasercut USA, Bob Holman Plans

Price: $65.00

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Curtiss P-36 Hawk – 1/4th Scale Plan

Scale: 1:4
Wingspan: 112” Length: 86 1/2”
Wing Area: 1800 sq. in.
Weight: 50 lbs. – up lbs.
Power: GT-80 to 250cc Radial Gas

6 drawings 36” x 84”, 3-piece wing
Cowl –
Canopy –
Scale Retracts – Sierra Giant Scale or Robart 150D10

Price: $55.00

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