Grumman AF-2S Guardian (1/6.5 Scale) – Plans

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Scale: 1:6.5,
Wingspan: 112”
Wing Area: 1871 sq. in.
Length: 81 1/2”
Weight: 40-45 pounds
Power: 5.0 cu. In. gas - up

Powered by a Pratt-Whitney R-2800 and fitted with (1) 2000 lb. torpedo in the bomb bay, (4) 500 lb. bombs, and six HVAR rockets, the Guardian was a formidable U. S. Navy carrier based attack aircraft during the 1950’s.

The plans consist of 10 drawings, six are 36”x86”, three are 36”x72”, and one drawing detailing the landing gear is 36”x54” Both side views and all panel lines are shown. Details include torpedo, bombs, two sizes of rockets, depth charges, search light, and radar pods.

Price: $55.00

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