Grumman F3F-2 - 1/4 Scale

Grumman F3F-2 1/4 Scale – Plan

Wingspan: 96.5”, Length: 70.5”, Weight: 55+ lbs.
Wing Area: 2340 sq. in.
Power: 110cc Gas & Up

7 drawings 36”x108 & [email protected]”x54”
Cowl, Canopy, Oil Cooler, Louvered Fuselage Panel, Tail Cone and Wheel Well Inserts = Vic Catalasan
Laser Cut Short Kits = Bob Holman

Scale Main and Tail Wheel Retracts = Retracts are not currently available, we are working with another manufacturer to bring these gears to you ASAP.

Marine Corps insignia and squadron emblem for 2-MF-16 on display on the museum floor of the Naval Aviation Museum, Pensacola NAS are available from Pro-Mark Graphics, 861 Winnebago Ave., Olmstead, Il 62970, Phone 618-742-6455,

These plans were developed from a complete set of Grumman factory drawings provided by Vince Juliano, a Grumman Historian. The plans are very detailed and include scale locations of ribs, formers, airfoils, offsets, and incidences.

The plans are intended for the experienced builder. The engine installation shown of the plans is for the Moki 215/250 radial. Battery, radio gear, and main gear retract access is via removable scale access hatches. The main gear, as manufactured by Gene Barton, is operated by an electric motor driving scale-like chain and sprockets. It takes approximately 22 seconds for the gear to retract which is the scale time frame for that operation. A removable fiberglass tail cone is used for access to the rudder and elevator linkages.

Price: $55.00

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