Grumman F6F Hellcat 1/3.5 Scale

Grumman F6F Hellcat (1/3.5 Scale) – Plans

Scale: 1:3.5, Wingspan: 148”
Length: 115-1/4” Wing Area 3925 sq. in.
Weight: 55+- lbs. Power Moki 400

3-piece plug-in wing and plug-in stab/elevators. Highly detailed plans based on factory drawings. All ordinance showed: 5” HVAR, 1000 lb. bomb, bomb racks. 50 cal. machine guns, centerline fuel tank.

Ten drawings in plan set, [email protected]×126 and [email protected]×76

Canopy and Cowl = Vic Catalasan [email protected]
Main & Tail Gear and Wheels = Sierra Giant Scale [email protected]
Laser-cut short kit available from = Lasercut USA [email protected]
G-10 cut parts: Hinges, elevator, rudder, aileron, and flap base sheets from = Jensen Designs LLC [email protected]

Price: $85.00

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