Mitsubishi A5M4 “Claude” (1/4 Scale) – Plans

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The Mitsubishi A5M, formal Japanese Navy designation Mitsubishi Navy Type 96 Carrier-based Fighter, experimental Navy designation Mitsubishi Navy Experimental 9-Shi Carrier Fighter, company designation Mitsubishi Ka-14, was a Japanese carrier-based fighter aircraft. It was the world's first monoplane shipboard fighter to enter service and the direct predecessor of the famous Mitsubishi A6M "Zero". The Allied reporting name was Claude.

Scale: 1/4, Wingspan: 108-1/4”, Length: 74-1/2”, Weight: 32-38 lbs., Wing Area 2759 square inches, Power: Zenoah G-45 – G-62, Seven drawings, 6 at 36” x 80”, 1 at 36” x 86”

3-piece wing splits outboard of fixed gear.

Cowl and wheel pants available from: Vic Catalasan
Laser cut short kit available from: Bob Holman
Fixed Main Gear: Robart #684 (625 Series)

Price: $65.00

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