North American P-51B/C Mustang (1/4 Scale) – Plans

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Scale: 1:4, Wingspan: 112.25”, Wing Area: 2102 square inches
Length: 96.74”, Weight: 50 Pounds
Power: 5 Cu. In. – Up (3W 110iR2 shown)

The plans consist of seven CAD drawings; five are 36” x 106” and one 36” x 120”. Included are details for cockpit interior, and scale hinging of flying surfaces. Also, details for mounting of engine, retracts and servos.

Scale Retracts = Scale Wheels = Sierra Giant Scale, LLC Sierra Giant Scale, LLC
Laser Cut Short Kits = Bob Holman Plans
Cockpit Kit = Dynamic Balsa
Exhaust Stacks = JP Warbirds

Price: $60.00

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