Sequoia F.8L Super Falco 1/4 Scale

Sequoia F.8L Super Falco (1/4 Scale) – Plans

Scale: 1/4, Wingspan: 78 3/4”
Wing Area: 967.5 sq. in. Length: 65 1/4”
Height: 23”, Weight: 12-14 lbs.
Power: .90 to 1.08 glow, 1.20 4-stroke

This is a highly detailed plan of one of the best performing home built aircraft of all
time. Details include landing gear, scale hinging, cockpit interior, color and markings,
and a 1”=1’-0” scale 4-view drawing. Plans consist of five sheets, one 3’x5’-6”, one
3’x7’, and three 3’x10’-6”.

Price: $50.00

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Sequoia F.8L Super Falco (1/4 Scale) – Cowl

Fiberglass Cowl for Sequoia F.8L Super Falco (1/4 Scale)

Price: $48.00

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